ALOHA FESTIVALS 2017 THEME:  "He lei aloha KE keiki - children are our garland of love"

Children represent life, innocence, hope and promise.  Our aspirations for a better tomorrow are found in their laughter, wonder, wit, and gentleness.  The beauty of children has always been treasured in Hawai`i, our island home.  The words for flower (pua) and garland (lei) are poetic references to children.  Like brilliantly colored blossoms full of sweet fragrance, children are beautiful to behold.  Numerous `olelo no`eau (Hawaiian proverbs) eloquently remind us how special children are.  He keiki aloha na mea kanu "beloved children are the flowering buds," tells us that children need nurturing to thrive in the same way a young sprout in the garden does.

This year, Aloha Festivals invites the whole `ohana, all generations - great grandparents, grandparents, parents, keiki and extended family - to truly make it a priority to attend this yearʻs events and create the lasting memories that will form the foundation of Hawai`iʻs future our keiki. He Mai!