ALOHA FESTIVALS 2018 THEME:  No Ke Kai Kākou Ē - We Are of the Sea

No Ke Kai Kākou Ē - We Are of the Sea.”


In 2018, Aloha Festivals celebrates the seas and oceans that have shaped these islands and the many people who call them home.  To celebrate the bonds between our island communities and Kanaloa’s (Hawaiian god of the sea) great expanse, we proclaim, No Ke Kai Kākou Ē, proudly affirming that We Are of the Sea!
We rejoice in the merriment of breaking swells that caress the curved hulls of canoes or the beveled rails of surfboards, the splashing of keiki (children) in the sandy warm shallows, and the comforting respite that comes from the cool of the sea.  No Ke Kai Kākou Ē!

We honor the ocean as a provider of sustenance; pledging to be worthy stewards of the abundant  resources we enjoy and that will be enjoyed by future generations.  No Ke Kai Kākou Ē!
We respect the awesome power of waves and winds that summon towering mountains of water from unseen briny depths and that conjure thunderous storms that ominously spiral across the great blue vastness; knowing, in equal measure, that these ever-changing seascapes are also our planet’s unpaved highways connecting the entire human race.  No Ke Kai Kākou Ē!
So on this 72nd anniversary of the Aloha Festivals, we once again call on the entire ʻohana of Hawaiʻi nei and the many guests who flock to our fair shores, to come out in droves, in masses, in multitudes to celebrate, in kinship, the aloha spirit of our island home.  No Ke Kai Kākou Ē!